PEDCO’s Process Engineering History

Did you know that at the inception of PEDCO in the 1970s, PEDCO was primarily a process engineering firm?

At that time, PEDCO was a forerunner in the field, providing a variety of process engineering services in the Pharmaceutical and Petro Chemical markets. Working with companies like Schering Plough, Bristol Myers, and Eli Lilly, PEDCO provided design engineering services for new and existing process facilities, including clean room design, sanitary piping, and sterile water systems.

In so many ways, engineering and design was like a different world back then. In today’s world, we use 3D modeling to electronically monitor clash detection and needed design revisions. But in the past, PEDCO had a model group that built models of the processes and buildings being designed, creating actual miniature replicas of the design so engineers could see if there were interferences between disciplines in their design that needed altered.

We’ve come a long way since our days of model building, but in recent years, PEDCO is getting back to its process engineering roots. Working with Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Petro Chemical, Consumer Goods and Chemical companies, PEDCO offers a holistic approach to projects, providing all disciplines of engineering under one roof. Today, our process engineering group provides a variety of services, such as sizing and specifying pumps, heat exchangers, spray dryers, reactors, tanks, piping systems, CIP systems, WFI systems, and more.  Our team assists clients to modify existing operations, debottleneck processes, design new systems, scale up processes, facilitate PHAs, perform safety studies, and more.

Through changing times and immense growth, PEDCO is proud to continue to serve our clients and their process engineering needs, just like we did on day one.