The History of PEDCO

In 1967, seven coworkers decided to leave their former employer to create The PEDCO Group, a Process Engineering Development Company.  Renting office suites at Atkinson Square in Springdale, The PEDCO Group began as a process engineering company, focusing on Pharmaceutical and Petro Chemical markets.  The PEDCO Group designed new process facilities including clean rooms, sanitary piping and sterile water systems for companies including Schering Plough, Bristol Myers, Abbott Labs, Huffman LaRoch and Eli Lilly.  


Eventually, The PEDCO Group found home at West Chester Towers in Sharonville, employing 500 people and branching out to mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and gasahol.  The PEDCO Group had a model shop in the basement of the same building where PEDCO E&A Services is located today.  The shop built models of the projects they were designing so the engineers could see if there were issues with their designs.  After political maneuvering and an over-investment in gasohol, The PEDCO Group suffered a downturn and filed for bankruptcy.

In 1981, two employees of The PEDCO Group’s mechanical engineering arm bought out the facilities portion of the PEDCO Group and formed PEDCo E&A Services, Inc., focusing on MEP Engineering.  Today, PEDCO offers a holistic approach to projects, providing all disciplines of engineering under one roof.  Through changing times and immense growth, PEDCO’s processes have evolved.  Where once it was a model shop, now PEDCO implements electronic 3D modeling to help with clash detection and needed design revisions.  PEDCO is proud to continue to serve our clients and their process engineering needs, just like we did on day one.