3D Scanning

No More Tape Measures. No More Worry.

PEDCO now IMEG is laser-focused on providing the best possible services and products for our clients. Which is why we offer precise imaging with our Leica BLK360 scanner. This precision scanner collects point clouds, color panoramic images, as well as 3D field conditions.

Thanks to our innovative 3D scanning, architectural and MEP measurements and modeling are now faster, more accurate, and more detailed than ever before.

Less human errors. Less change orders. Less cost to your bottom line.

Benefits Of 3D Scanning

  • PEDCO now IMEG’s scanner accurately collects 360,000 measurement points per second and full HDR imagery with the push of a button.
  • Minimal set-up is required for our scanner to provide deft measurements without disturbing those occupying the space.
  • If the scope of your project changes, as often is the case, our scanner has already collected all the data you need for new plans… saving time and money.
  • Our efficient 3D imaging will provide you with a perfect starting point if your project has no existing drawings.
  • Cable trays? Piping? Duct work? Electrical equipment? Inaccessible areas? Anything you need to know will be at your fingertips.
  • All collected data can be used in Revit or Autocad or given back to the client for whatever purposes they may have.