Uptown Gateway


New Building


Fire Protection
Construction Administration


Cincinnati, OH


180,000 SF

Uptown Gateway and Digital Futures

The Uptown Gateway project refers to the design of the Core and Shell of a 180,000 SF building which is intended for mixed use office and educational laboratory spaces. The building is a total of 9 stories tall including 6 floors of office and educational space above 3 floors dedicated for utility space and garage access. PEDCO now IMEG completed the design of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection for this project. The Core and Shell had to provide all of the main systems which would eventually be needed for the completed building as well as code-required minimum infrastructure for HVAC, lighting, and power.

Digital Futures is the design of the Tennant Improvement phase of the same building. The interior spaces and laboratories were designed in such a way to easily flex and adapt to new users over time.  A human performance laboratory is included which required special considerations for lockers, showers, changing rooms, and a large floor space in which to perform studies on athletes in motion. A large High Bay area was included for multiple programs to share. Specifically, the Smart and Connected Drones program needs a space to fly drones in a controlled interior area. This program also included office space, a workshop, and a control room for the drones. A robotics lab, high performance computing, cyber security lab, visualization lab, strange tools lab, and emergency operations training labs, and an E-media studio were included in the design as well.