How Can 3D Scanning Improve Your Project?

Have you heard the buzz about 3D scanning? 3D scanning offers a convenient, accurate compliment to traditional field work. By using highly accurate scanners, you can collect point clouds, color panoramic images, as well as 3D field conditions. That means architectural & MEP measurements and modeling are faster, more accurate, and more detailed than ever before.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of 3D scanning is actually what it reduces.

Reduction in human error. Reduction in change orders. Reduction is repeat trips to gather more data. Reduction in aggravation.  Reduction to your overall cost and bottom-line.

An entire facility can be scanned and measured without disrupting productivity at the site. The portability and minimal set-up required for 3D scanning allows for deft measurements without disturbing those occupying the space. This set-up is especially helpful for facilities plants that are not documented, since organizations can have their entire facility documented quickly, accurately, and with minimal disruption. Time and loss of productivity are often reasons why organizations have avoided documentation in the past – 3D scanning solves both of these obstacles.

As is often the case, the scope and design of a project adapt and change over time. With 3D scanning, odds are all the measurements and information you may need to make changes are already at your fingertips. No additional trips to the site. No additional time in the field. No costly delays.

Does your project require complex coordination?  Or do you have a retrofit project where you have equipment, or a new processing line and you are not sure if it will fit?  Cable trays, piping, duct work, electrical grids, inaccessible areas – anything you need to know will be at your disposal, allowing you to avoid complications and develop detailed drawings and plans. All collected data can be used in Revit or Autocad or given back to you for whatever purposes you may have.

In an industry that is always evolving and adapting, 3D scanning is an advancement that is worth consideration for your next project.