COVID-19 Workspace: Is Your Office Space Effective and Efficient?

As you begin returning to work, let PEDCO help get your office space ready, ensuring the health and safety of your employees.  PEDCO can provide economically viable solutions to make your space efficient while maximizing performance.

Office Space Planning

Health and safety will be the driving factors for employee’s eventual return to the workplace.  PEDCO can provide your company with an Office Assessment incorporating occupant seating, directional flow and ensuring that coworkers keep six feet apart from one another.

HVAC System Evaluation

Is your HVAC system set with proper ventilation and effective airflow patterns?  Following recommendations from ASHRAE, PEDCO can evaluate your HVAC systems to make sure you have proper outdoor air ventilation, systems capable of producing ASHRAE recommended humidification levels, and proper air handler controls to keep your office environment safe and healthy. PEDCO can help engineer your air handler operating sequences, develop a concept for building flushing and determine if your humidification system can achieve ASHRAE humidification levels.

3D Scanning, The Optimal Choice

Does your project require complex coordination? Do you have limited access to your facility?  PEDCO offers precise imaging with our Leica BLK360 scanner. This scanner collects 360,000 measurement points per second AND full HDR imagery with the push of a button. Ideal for projects that have no existing drawings and only one person needs to be at your site to conduct the 3D scanning.