Scott Korner

Electrical Design Manager

As Electrical Design Manager, Scott provides a wealth of information on how installations will realistically occur during construction.  He is a registered Ohio State Fire Alarm System Installer, Tester, Inspector, and Designer, and a Master Electrician and brings an understanding of overall project constructability and practical trade knowledge.  Using that experience, he provides appropriate design remedies others might not be aware of.  As a Manager, he appreciates being able to exemplify his abilities and be recognized by his peers and management for them.  Coming from a family of engineers, Scott learned early on to approach things by the Engineering Method, eliminating stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Who Knew?

  • Dream car is a Nissan Skyline GTR R32, R33, or R34. Legends of 90’s, these cars are known for their active four-wheel steering.
  • The best feat of engineering is its own evolution. The process of containing or deflecting forces to defy nature and accomplish work with less human input.
  • Enjoys tinkering and tearing things apart to understand how they work.