Rusty Elchert

Project Manager


Rusty is the Jack-of-all-Trades.  Working with architects, engineers and designers, Rusty is the guy that deals with all the details.  Having to always multi-task, Rusty learned early in his career that projects are ever-changing, there is nothing you can do about it, so the best scenario is to roll with the punches and try to go with the flow.

Who Knew?

  • Rusty enjoys spending time with his ten grandchildren and getting out on his Harley to get lost in his own thoughts.
  • If I were a Superhero: Charles Last. More a villain, Charles was a juggler who lead a group of villains known as the Death Throws.  Rusty is the juggler (multi-tasker) leading his Death Throws (PEDCO team).
  • His dream ride is a V8 Chopper, 600+ horsepower on two wheels.