Jordan Grubbs

Project Manager


Jordan’s role is to ensure the successful execution and completion of projects, but to do so in a way that exceeds the client’s expectations.  With a strong background in design, analysis and construction of central utility plants, Jordan believes that if you keep your client’s best interests in mind, you are destined for success.  Any day that he can solve a problem for a client is a good day.

Who Knew?

  • If he could drive any car, it would be the 1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car. What’s more impressive than a car powered by 750 PSIG steam?
  • If I were a Superhero, it would be Batman. A superhero without powers, he is passionate about his profession, never compromises his integrity, and has an exceptional level of technical aptitude.
  • The coolest engineering feat is the International Space Station. Constructed in space, and extremely dangerous to maintain, it is the most expensive item built.