Joe Hoffman

President & COO


With 25 years of experience from business operations to Mergers & Acquisitions, Joe learned early on that not everything in business is black and white.  A realization which aided him to successfully run PEDCO throughout the COVID pandemic, one of his greatest achievements.  As an industry leader, Joe strives to always improve in his work, keeping an open mind to different ways of thinking and doing things.

Who Knew?

  • Enthusiast of jazz and jazz/rock fusion.
  • The coolest car is the Nismo, Nissan’s Motorsport road car. Inspired by the racetrack and designed by an elite group of engineers and test drivers, the Nismo is the ultimate combination of size, agility and power.
  • The coolest engineering feat is the Egyptian Pyramids. Even after thousands of years, we don’t truly understand the masonry and construction.