Jerry Doerger

Executive Vice President and Workplace Market Leader


Challenging how his team thinks and designs, Jerry sees his role at PEDCO as the Chief Change Creator. He urges his team to look at problems and solutions differently, challenge themselves to think and create outside of the box, as well as bringing new ideas and concepts to clients. Jerry’s greatest achievement at PEDCO is turning acquaintances into friendships, and those friendships into trusted partnerships. His community involvement includes Chairman of the Board at St. Rita School for the Deaf, as well as sitting on the board of LaSalle High School, Hard Hats For Hearts, and Miami View Golf Club.

Who Knew?

  • Enjoys hunting and golfing.
  • The coolest engineering feat has to be the laptop computer; a device derived for a cartoon show in the 60’s that is now a reality and very much part of our everyday use.
  • If I were a Superhero: The Incredible Hulk – Possessing superhuman strength, durability, and a healing factor, the Hulk is an expert in physics, one of the core sciences behind engineering.