Adding value to your SCIF project

A secured room is crucial to protecting and processing your classified and sensitive information. PEDCO is committed to delivering real value to your SCIF project, allowing you to focus on the goals, growth, and success of your business.

Our team has provided architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering, and interior design to build and/or renovate over 600,000 square feet of areas for use as  SCIF and Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF) for a variety of clients. Whether office or manufacturing focused, our team has provided security upgrades, designed and constructed highly specialized SCIF, test cells and labs for a variety of clients.

Our team’s five-step process has been proven time and again to deliver the best solution for you, controlling costs, alleviating stress, and ensuring that your project is completed on  time and on budget so that you can focus on other priorities. Click Here for additional information regarding PEDCO’s SCIF services.